What Qualities Make SIRS One Of The Best Among The Top 5 Higher Secondary Boarding Schools in India?

  • 19 May, 2021

Being among the top 5 best boarding schools in India is indeed a tough fight to encounter, but what makes it even tougher is the fact of maintaining the number one position among those schools. SAI International Residential School provides holistic education to students encircling different spheres of learning that help them in nurturing the leader in themselves.

SIRS a No. 1 higher secondary residential school in Bhubaneshwar, India specializes in boarding education and has consistently proved to be the best boarding school among the top 5 schools in India, without wavering from its core characteristics since its foundation in 2018. The biggest strength of the school springs from the quality of human bond and the sense of companionship that is engendered by the school. Being one of the best boarding schools in India, the school environment encourages the students with a strong sense of community and helps them to develop friendships for a lifetime that remains sustained in life beyond the school.

No 1 boarding school in India

SIRS is the best among the top 5 boarding schools in India for its effective vision conjugated with its inimitable mission

SIRS vision’s is to be the center of knowledge to the future thought leaders, with a deep awareness of Indian ethos and a global philosophy of outlook. SIRS the higher secondary boarding school in India aims at giving a true vision that helps every student to face and conquer challenges with a positive and dynamic attitude that empathetically contributes to society.

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SAI International Residential School being one of the most renowned and boarding schools in India focuses on a holistic development of every child with their mission that focuses on a different perspective to enable the growth of education and enlightenment of each child in various fields as follows:


  • By providing all-around cooperative, supportive and independent knowledge development.
  • Teaching academic expertise in the context of modernized learning.


  • By categorically promoting self-acceptance.
  • Providing a nurturing atmosphere.
  • Creating an effective partnership between school and home.
  • Helping and supporting a child with personal development.


  • By enhancing the skill of cooperation and communication in a child.
  • Helping the students to learn the ethics of absolute reception and respect.



  • By assisting the students in refinement and strengthening of physical skills and talent.
  • Giving the essential lesson of respect, care, and concern of the body.
  • Recognizing the interdependence of body, mind, and soul.


  • By encouraging the student to develop a strong character.
  • Sharing joy and appreciation of life.
  • Developing a love for learning and knowledge.


SIRS is the best boarding school in India and it ensures the complete development of every student by providing them with highly qualified faculties who ensures in giving equal focus to every child that helps them to get an emotionally secured and balanced school life.

The school has one of the best curriculums when it comes to sports, with multiple options like swimming, football, gymnasium, horse riding, and many more on the list. They prepare students uniquely for universities and colleges so that they could perform well and achieve flying colors.

For more information about admission, please visit https://sirs.edu.in/admission-enquiry/ or enquire at admissions@sirs.edu.in.