4 Ways Your Child Will Benefit From Attending The Best Boarding School In India

  • 12 Jun, 2021

The task of launching a child into adulthood such that they arrive prepared to succeed is a daunting one, especially in an era of technological distractions such as smartphones and television.

A boarding school alleviates a great deal of stress off the shoulders of working parents, especially those with demanding careers or children with special needs.

However, sometimes children may fear living away from home, or parents may feel insecure when sending their child to a boarding school.

It is because boarding schools are often depicted in a negative light, thanks to movies and television, which are far away from reality.

So, let’s change things up and introduce to you the many privileges that your child will enjoy if he or she‌ ‌attends‌ ‌a‌ ‌reputable‌ ‌boarding‌ ‌school.

Better student-teacher ratio– A public school usually has a population of not less than 40-50 students in a classroom. In contrast, classes at boarding schools are typically limited to 15-20 students. Thus, your child will not become just another roll number. This will leave your ward with no other option but to take active participation in the curriculum and strive to improve as well as excel.The small student-teacher ratio ensures that the teachers pay individual attention to every child both outside and inside the classroom.In boarding schools, students are reported to spend 9 hours per week outside of the classroom with mentors, instructors, and other faculty members compared to 4 hours at day schools, which is more than twice as much time with the Gurus who will lead the way to your child’s future success.

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The precursor to life after school – Boarding school prepares an individual for life’s roller-coaster moments amidst a community of peers experiencing similar challenges.Research has shown that boarding school students become more street smart and better equipped for college and university. Some of the best residential schools produce students who earn advanced degrees, like a Master’s or Ph.D., and then move on to more influential roles in their respective careers.As a result of the unique atmosphere, which is devoid of the support system of family and friends, the students are trained for whatever new world they enter, be it academic, social, entrepreneurial, or any combination thereof.

Development of Responsible and Independent behaviour– In today’s culture, the over-involvement of parents in every aspect of their child’s life has deferred the maturity stage in the youth. A good boarding school is governed by a strict code of conduct that encourages children to act self-sufficiently and become self-reliant by managing their daily affairs. The pupil is required to get up in the morning, get dressed, do the laundry, do the assignments, and manage money all on his/her own. The valuable life lessons acquired will lay a solid foundation for your son or daughter as they reach adulthood.

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Experience a Global Atmosphere– Many graduates often remember their boarding school days when they formed lifelong friendships. It is so because a boarding school serves as a home to scholars from diverse cultures and walks of life. Since the students are made to live under one roof in a residential school, they learn to harmoniously share their food, time, and living space with their colleagues, regardless of the caste, creed, religion, or culture of the other person. Thus, a top boarding school in India plays an important role in developing tolerance towards others’ cultures, forming bonds without any cultural biasedness, and fostering connections with future leaders around the globe.

Final words

Every parent aspires to raise a joyful, contended, and stimulated child who is destined to reach his or her full potential in adulthood.

Therefore, there can never be enough emphasis placed on the importance of boarding schools in offering a supportive environment that encourages good mental health, life skills, resilience, resourcefulness, and social confidence in the early stages of an individual’s life.