SIRS – One Of The Top 10 Boarding Schools In India

  • 28 Apr, 2021

It’s difficult to be the best but what’s even more difficult is successfully remaining in the top 10 positions. At SAI International Residential School, we have maintained our rank as one of the best High School Boarding Schools in Bhubaneswar as well as across the country.

The curriculum at SIRS is designed and structured to assist the students in being dynamic and productive. The academics, the athletics, and the extracurricular activities, we focus on all of them for the all-around development of every child. We follow the CBSE curriculum that trains the students for the competitive examinations in India and abroad.

What makes SIRS the Top Boarding or Residential School in Odisha, India?

At SIRS, the goals which we set for our students are enlarged beyond academic objectives. Apart from having well-motivated, high-calibre teaching professionals, we also foster their important life skills, as well as their own individual interests and hobbies.

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We also firmly believe in the fact that with the contemporary set-up of the classroom nowadays the subject matter and the curriculum needs to be well-diversified to awaken the full potential of the students. Hence after extensive research and planning, SIRS introduced a unique structure in learning and teaching. SIRS, the top residential school or high school boarding school in India,  practices experiential learning for the holistic development of the body and the mind of each child.

We provide our students with a mind-boggling range of sporting activities. We avidly believe that sports help the students understand the essence of the traditional values of respect, fairness, responsibility and resilience. Our sports courses are ideal for anyone who has a desire to succeed in this field whether he/she is just starting their career, under training or require additional qualifications for personal development.

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Where Education meets ‘Family Feel’

We believe that it is essential to offer the sort of atmosphere and support system to the students that would foster good mental health and life skills to develop their social confidence and inner strength.

When the parents know for sure that their child is being perfectly nurtured it can be a huge relief to them. This is the reason why we have built a ‘family’ atmosphere at SIRS. Our primary aim is always to keep the students comfortable and content in their daily life. It has a state-of-the-art campus spread in acres of lush green surroundings where students get to breathe freshness and enjoy calmness.

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