Prepare Your Kids for the Best International Boarding Schools in India

  • 22 May, 2019

International Boarding schools in India offer superior academic and life experiences that prove to be extremely beneficial for children. However, the decision of sending your child to a boarding school is an important one for students and parents alike, as the child has to prepare for a life outside of their homes. Mentioned below are few tips to get your child ready for a new and positive learning experience.

1. Establish A New Lifestyle in International Boarding Schools in India

Most international boarding schools in India have a well balanced, well groomed lifestyle with regards to daily routines. It is therefore advised that your child experiences the same at home, making their transition process easier. Familiarise your child with his new pattern of life by going through the school website and its code of conduct. Build up values such as sharing and co-adjusting with other students to help him open up to new relationships at the school. Encourage their participation in sports and other extracurricular activities offered by the school.

2. Adopt an Open Approach with the Best International Residential Schools in India

Parents must explain to their children the significance of sending them to a boarding school and discuss about every possible experiences they might face. This will provide better insight into how the child is viewing the experience, allowing you to support them in any way they need. Reassure your child that best international boarding schools in India like SAI International Residential School, for example, is very good at welcoming new students and helping them settle in.

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The major role of the parent lies in making their child understand that a boarding school education does not mean detachment from their parents as they shall be looked after by a bunch of well trained and qualified staff who will take care of their smallest of requirements round the clock. Adopting an open approach of communication helps the child understand the rationale behind sending them to one of the best international residential schools in India.

3. Familiarise with the Education System

International boarding schools in India have  an education system which is way different from those of public schools as students are given the opportunity to foster intense connections with teachers who provide individual attention towards one and all.  Despite having to manage daily schedules on their own, some of the best boarding schools in India not only arranges a dedicated time for recreational activities but also, guides students to manage their study load. Help your child develop a timetable with dates of submissions, assignments and more.

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Pupils at SAI International Residential School for example, can expect multi-dimensional programs in sports, music, dramatics, visual arts as well as media training and other communication workshops. The teachers are always keen to ensure that students have plenty to do that will help them grow beyond their academic requirements.

4. Prepare for the Psychological and Emotional Changes

The transition into boarding schools can be a difficult one. Unlike at public schools where your children will be living at home and only attending school during the daytime, boarding schools require students to live on campus itself. It is not uncommon to find students stress over the new environment, education system and other living conditions initially. Communication is the key solution here. Talk to your child about how normal it is to feel homesick during initial few days and discuss how to deal with it. Help your kids identify people at the school who they could reach out to in times of trouble or if they are feeling a bit down.

5. Encourage Self-Living

Help your child understand the importance of learning responsibilities such as punctuality and self independence to help him adapt to his new ways of life at the good boarding schools in India.  Find out more about the boarding school and what your child would be expected to do on a daily basis, and give them the opportunity to practice these at home. Help them adapt to a lifestyle where they are given more freedom, and acknowledge the responsibility that comes with it, thereby, preparing them for boarding school when there is no parental oversight. The best international residential schools in India like SAI International Residential School, for example, emphasises on teaching leadership and self-development. Your child may be excited to learn more responsibility if they understand how their lives can benefit from it.