Striving for Excellence outside the Classroom

School sport offers the school community opportunities to build a strong identity and culture of excellence. Traditional values of respect, fairness, responsibility and resilience are developed as part of students’ participation. Sports and physical education help in:

  • Improving students’ concentration and memory
  • Enhancing positive behaviour and academic performance
  • Improving the performance and outcomes of students by offering programs designed to maximize participation, enjoyment and personal reward.
  • Students become happier, healthier and more successful with   greater   confidence and self-esteem.

School sport programs and quality physical education programs provide:

  • High levels of activity, with all students engaged through inclusive strategies and with opportunities to experience success
  • A high level of wellbeing, encompassing fitness and enjoyment of physical activity
  • An ongoing interest in sporting pursuits, which may lead to lifelong involvement in one or more sports or as a form of recreational activity.

SAI International Residential School brings in an innovative approach to the delivery of sporting qualifications, wherein the ethos is to provide a level of excellence in both theory and practical knowledge in sports. The training imparted gives an insight into the elementary skills of the students. The sports courses are ideal for anyone who has a desire to succeed in this field whether one is just starting one’s career, under training or adding additional qualifications to continue personal development.  The team of trained coaches, who are strict yet friendly, helps in the attainment of personal and team goals. Physical education is a sequential, developmentally appropriate educational experience that engages students in learning and understanding movement activities which are personally and socially meaningful, while also promoting the goal of healthy living.

  • With an appropriate curriculum, instruction and learning experiences, students develop a broad spectrum of personal and social skills, knowledge, motivation and confidence to engage in healthy activities throughout their lives.
  • Sports education empowers students to develop positive attitudes towards physical well being and lifelong habits of participation.
  • It engages students in the development of the knowledge, understanding, skills and values required to participate in healthy physical activity.

The School provides an extensive sports and physical education program with trained coaches and sophisticated sports infrastructure to render scientifically aided training in each of the games. The coaches identify promising talent from a very early age, in order to provide a carefully designed short and long term training regimen, to bring out the very best in each individual. Sports involve an all round  development of athletic skills including values such as teamwork, persistence, tenacity, selflessness, self-control, discipline, mental and physical toughness, and resilience which are vital in the field of athletics. SIRS motivates, inspires and provides equal opportunity to all students, to develop their sporting talent and participate in a sports and fitness program of a high calibre.