A Walk through Our Curriculum- Best CBSE Residential School in India

  • 19 Apr, 2019

In the world of digital technology being just educated is no longer an option, for children now are seeking futuristic learning. We are all searching for a comprehensive learning environment that caters to not only to academic excellence but also induces the learning skill necessary for the 21st century such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Since its inception in 2018, SAI International Residential School has made a mark in the educational scenario of the state. Working on the principles of Shri Shirdi Sai is has maintained its ethos of rich tradition with 360 degree of learning it is one of the best boarding schools in India now,  that strives to develop the next generation of critical thinkers and global citizens. It is one among the top CBSE boarding schools in India where the students are encouraged to learn and synthesize new knowledge whilst they follow their passion and strive to achieve their goals. With the finest CBSE curriculum and an incomparable educational experience, SAI International Residential School is a global gurukul where students are exposed to a dynamic curriculum providing intellectual and personal growth. Enlisted below you’ll find important information about the curriculum and reasons for being named as one of the best CBSE residential schools in India.

1) One of the Best CBSE Residential Schools in India Encouraging High Academic Standards

SAI International Residential School is one of the best CBSE residential schools in India, encouraging high academic standards through experiential learning. One of the most sought after patterns of education, it exposes students to a wide variety of cognitive and non-cognitive skills, preparing them for a well-balanced life outside school. The school believes that an efficient staff leads to efficient students and thereby, with a diverse range of faculty who are available round the clock; students are encouraged to participate in immersive learning practices that best serve their unique skills and goals. The comprehensive curriculum encourages pupils to be active learners who traverse, understand and participate in the arena around them.

2) Preparation for Life after School

Beyond the confines of classroom education, a broad curriculum helps prepare students for life after school, granting them the chance to explore a range of topics and practices that not only develop their unique passion, but also supports a spirit of teamwork and relationship building. With exposure to strong academic opportunities, SAI International Residential school, one of the best CBSE residential schools in India, also offers multi-dimensional programs in sports, music, dramatics, visual arts, innovation as well as media training and other communication workshops. Students are encouraged from an early age to indulge in arts, literature, quizzes and other house competitions that develop within them a sense of community and personal growth. ‘The Pursuit of Excellence Program’ is designed to encourage students in their chosen field or arena, enabling them to become global citizens in the truest state.

3) Our Mission and Values: Benchmarked Us as One of the Good Residential Schools in India

Is there a structure that builds the right set of goals and values within students from an early age? SAI International Residential school which is benchmarked as one of the good residential schools in India believes in fostering a culture of caring, learning and empowerment. The mission of the school is to provide students with the opportunity to develop intellectual, social and personal skills through challenges in a safe and supportive environment. By awakening the spirit of inquiry, students are encouraged to develop a strong sense of self, an understanding of cultures, and an appreciation of the diversity of the human experience. The school instills values that honor global citizenship, community building; leadership training and personality development through a comprehensive learning environment. These experiences help students to become positive, contributing members of their communities.

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Being one of the top CBSE boarding schools in India, we provide a diversity of offerings, balanced approach to education, individual attention to each student and specialized courses for an all round knowledge base. Our well-planned curriculum aims to transform students into leaders of tomorrow.