Are Boarding Schools In India Worth Going?

  • 22 Sep, 2020

When we talk of education and its origin, what comes to mind is the Pushpagiri and the Nalanda Universities, which once were the world’s only and best universities. Coming to India for secondary and higher education is the best one can think of, as India has always been a centre for quality education despite its economic backwardness, It is its education that has kept the ball rolling.

In India education is not only to know about different subjects but it is much beyond. The best boarding schools in India, if you consider have the best-laid curriculum with soft skills and values. As parents, you may think that the child needs to excel in academics, non-academic, participate in MUNs, do some extra online classes to enhance their skills train them to become leaders and make them well behaved social beings.

The best boarding schools in India have the following for which they are worth opting for:

Best Curriculum: The CBSE curriculum is designed in such a way that it trains them for the competitive examinations in India and abroad. The finest boarding schools in India have the most suited curriculum as per your child’s learning and recreational need.

World-class Infrastructure: The top boarding schools in India have higher brownie points as they have some amazing infrastructure to offer to the children.

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Conducive Environment: The top residential or boarding schools in India provides an environment conducive for studies. Every child is given equal focus by highly trained teachers and mentors. Students are uniquely prepared for university and they enter college better prepared as compared to the day boarders.

Art of Independence: At boarding schools, children learn the art of independence and learn to take responsibility of themselves along with their peers. Maturity comes from independence and taking responsibility for oneself and others. Children when they reside in a residential school they take care of themselves and their friends who need. They also become independent and learn to make decisions for themselves.

Round the Clock Co-curricular Activities: Boarding schools provide year-round sports and co-curricular activities for its students. Living in a boarding school campus renders much more time outside the schools hours to practice and take part in sporting, creative and academic pursuits. The curriculum of the best boarding schools in India is designed so that the students can naturally develop study, leadership and time management skills.

Best of values: The top boarding schools in India offer an amalgamation of culture and traditions with new beliefs to bring out the best. At SAI International Residential School, Bhubaneswar, Odisha students share a great bonding between the co-students and teachers.

Home Away from Home: Residential Schools are a home away from home with a small family very close-knit sharing love, compassion, harmony and empathy. It is the safest place to be especially during the pandemic. It has the state of the art campuses spread in acres of lush green campus where students get to breathe freshness.

Wrapping up

So the answer is a big yes. Top Boarding schools in India are absolutely worth attending as these schools are like a twenty-four-hour intentional communities created with the aim of student’s growth and development.