Why SAI International Residential School Is Best For Your Child

  • 06 Nov, 2018

SAI International Residential School is the embodiment of knowledge that comes with disciplined learning. Holistic learning is the priority of SIRS. Uninspired studying does not satisfy the budding minds of children. The ambience here helps the students to immediately align themselves with the ultimate goal of being a better human being and that is what makes it the best boarding school in Bhubaneswar. The school facilitates the learning of students from class VI to class IX but the curriculum caters to enhance the natural skills of the children. SAI International Residential School is among the top CBSE residential schools in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. SIRS creates global citizens; the on-campus world-class facilities prepare them to serve the society better and become founders of their own destiny. The students are taught to accept the world as a single-family. The infrastructure and faculties are all in tune with the intention of developing responsible citizens. Self-development and individual growth are more like the mantra for the students of this institution. The following reasons will establish Sai International Residential School as the best residential school in eastern India:

  • Modern Age Gurukul–SAI International Residential School is much more than just a boarding school. It’s deep rooted Indian values and cultures keeps the students close to their origin yet make them global citizens. SIRS is a modern day Gurukul which gives each child the advantage of diversified learning. Affiliated to CBSE it has the most dynamic curriculum for classes from VI to IX. Intellectual, academic, creative and athletic skills are strengthened here.
  • Learning Beyond Academics–Academic structures mostly focus on academic developments. SIRS the best day boarding schools in India has found the right balance between personality grooming and academic growth. It is mostly only said, that theoretical knowledge should be complemented with practical or implementation of the knowledge; SIRS has created an education process where practical training occupies the most vital position. Question-answer sessions, group discussions, slideshows, presentations and workshops are held to give multi-dimensional opportunities for improvements. The school works rigorously towards building stress management skills, conversation skills, teamwork attitude, interpersonal relationships and confidence among the children. Mock interviews are held to help students manage anxiety. In the form of etiquette, discipline and goal setting, value is added to the imparted education.
  • Genesis of Future Leaders–Kindness is the paramount characteristic trait of a leader. SIRS, one of the best CBSE boarding schools in India inspires and motivates students to practice acts of kindness by including Community Service among their other activities. Embedding social service in core curriculum means rendering a sense of responsibility among children. The integrated technologies, implemented a learning management system, adopted social media are applied to train faculties for educating students. Entrepreneurial potential and innovative ideas are nurtured among the students.
  • Smart-age Campus – Smart learning needs smart infrastructure. SIRS, best CBSE residential schools in India believes in the technologies that make the teaching-learning process smarter, more interesting and more innovative. Digital education has made learning seamless whether at school or home. SAI International Residential School has:
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Auditorium
  • Library/digital library
  • IT Centre
  • Resource Centre
  • Robotics Lab, Mathematics Lab, Science Lab, Computer Lab, International Language Lab, Digital Math and Entrepreneurship Lab
  • SAI Sports Academy
  • Activities Rooms
  • Kitchen & Cafeteria
  • Water Recycling
  • Plantation Fields
  • Co-Scholastic Opportunities–SIRS understands that incorporating co-scholastic or extra-curricular activities in education process brings out the best skills of the students. The belief that each individual is gifted with a unique talent becomes the driving force for SIRS’s student-centric learning methodology. The various activities that allow recreational opportunities, as well as identification of talent among children, are:
  • Fine Arts
  • Music & Drama
  • Dance
  • Art & Craft
  • Sports
  • Modern Residential Facility–Hostel or residential facility of SIRS has most modern architecture with separate housing for boys & girls, but hostel life here is more than just residing on campus. The school environment encourages peer interaction and provides a positive atmosphere to nurture the growing minds of the young adults. Non-formal interaction between students and teachers build a strong link of trust & respect which is topped with the reward of a lifelong bond. This also opens up the opportunities to inculcate social etiquettes and impeccable mannerisms in students.
  • Digital Literacy – At multiple levels of the curriculum the school has intertwined IT and Digital Technology training to give the learners all possible opportunities to explore & learn. Technology is getting upgraded every day and hence has a wealth of knowledge that can benefit the students. Open learning environment encourages contextual and interactive learning. The digital tools used by SIRS are:
  • Smart Classes
  • Digital Library
  • Virtual Media Stations
  • Inventive Resources–SIRS has implemented media training among its various programmes. It is focused on refining the body language, gestures, pacing, technical training and meaningful & effective communication skill. Creative writing empowers the imagination of the learners and helps in expressing themselves. Since, pictures speak more than words, SIRS regularly organizes photography workshops to sharpen the creative vision of its students. These explorations allow them to understand:
  • Colour Management
  • Natural & Artificial Light
  • Studio Techniques
  • Location Photography
  • Advertising Photography
  • Studio Photography
  • Portrait Photography
  • Editorial Photography
  • Documentary Photography

SAI TV & 99.9 FM Radio Orange are SIRS’s Virtual Media Stations that are managed by the students. Through these, the learners explore the opportunities of:

  • Studio Production
  • Audio, Video & Lighting
  • Script Writing & Storytelling
  • Editing
  • Digital Cinematography
  • Producing And Directing
  • Sound Design
  • Glory of Awards–SIRS provides equal opportunities to the students and awards the exemplary performers to encourage and motivate them towards further improvement. The achievers are awarded stars, badges and blazers. To acknowledge the academic geniuses, SIRS has a Scholar Ceremony where Scholar Badges, Certificates and Blazers are awarded.
  • Safe & Secure–To ensure the highest levels of safety to the students; CCTV is installed all around the campus, in corridors & classrooms for strict vigilance. Fire safety systems, 24-hour guards and wardens also provide security. For medical aid, in-house doctors and nurses are always available. On-campus bank & ATM facility is also available.

Nurturing of body mind through Yoga – SAI International Residential School practice Sunset Yoga everyday to for healing the body, mind and soul after a long day. The 24 hours of the day is proportionately divided in the ratio of 7:8:9 for sports, academics and sleep respectively. As per the international pattern it is divided keeping in mind the challenges of growing up. Every child needs some specific hour of play and study in order to perform. Nine hours is dedicated to sleep and relaxation as the brain cannot develop without rest and sleep.

SAI International Residential School involves the students in the planning, organizing and implementation of tasks, guided by mentors. In the quest for growth and excellence the students are given endless possibilities to step beyond the academic structures and grow their conceptual horizon. Holistic growth of young minds is the mission undertaken by SIRS.