Words matter and how they are used matters even more. This is where media training is critical and SAI International Residential School (SIRS) sees it as vital, hence investing adequate time and resources. Media training focuses on refining the delivery skills involving body language, gestures, pacing, along with building confidence and facing real broadcast situations. It aims to make students get comfortable and effective both in front of the camera or microphone as well as behind them. Media training translates knowledge into powerful and meaningful communication.

Creative writing develops the power of expression and critical thinking skills of the students, which is an essential element for building confidence and personality development. Students of SAI International Residential School are effectively guided to empower themselves with the power of expression and thinking skills by enhancing their vocabulary, creativity and writing skills. This improves their imaginative skills, makes them think from a larger perspective and increases their inquisitiveness. The experienced mentors of SIRS will not only help in their literacy development but also mould them to express themselves through stories and poems.

Students learn to build powerful plots by anticipating questions that the readers ask:

  • What do you want me to do or think?
  • Why should I do or think that?
  • How do I know that what you say is true?
  • What about this other idea, fact, or conclusion?
  • Why should I accept that your reasons support your claim?

Although the program is taught in the senior English courses, its reach extends beyond the English classroom and improves the students’ performance in all subjects.

Photography is a beautiful amalgamation of thought, art and digital awareness. Students are systematically guided to sharpen their creative edge and grow technically, using digital-imaging software programs to scout for locations to conduct photo shoots as well as understand the business aspect of the industry. The carefully planned and highly technical workshops can transform students from amateur photographers to ones with professional astuteness. They are encouraged to explore the possibilities in areas which include:

  • Color management
  • Studio photography
  • Location photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Natural & artificial light
  • Editorial photography
  • Advertising photography
  • Documentary photography
  • Studio techniques

Guided at every step of the way by talented instructors who’ve worked in the industry, students are taught to use cameras, editing equipment and other tools to share their ideas with the world. The multiple areas of study include:

  • Audio, video & lighting
  • Script writing & storytelling
  • Studio production
  • Digital cinematography
  • Producing and directing
  • Sound design

The students have an opportunity to record, mix, and master audio in analog and digital formats.

The curriculum offers the participants excellent opportunities to understand the impact of and to practice influential writing, speaking, presentation skills and non-verbal cues like body language etc. It uses compelling speeches from well-known leaders to ensure that participants are able to internalize both substance and style.  The soft skills imbibed by the students enable them to cope with the various challenges of life with dignity and confidence. Communication and interpersonal skills are fundamental to success both inside and outside the school as well as the workplace. Street Style Surgery has a new workshop for schools and youth groups that improves communication skills using games, contemporary media, thought-provoking discussions and fun techniques.

Beyond the thinking skills which enhance communication, students learn how to debate and share their views with their peers in a positive way and with controlled feelings, thus improving and strengthening interpersonal relationships. The school and youth workshop enables the participants to develop their own voice to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.