Helping bring out the Artiste in every Child

SAI International Residential School (SIRS) is a perfect abode for students with a passion for arts. An array of opportunities and guidance from acclaimed mentors inspires and motivates each student to explore, learn and get involved in the various nuances of art.  With a focus on art history and characterization, exploring various visual art media; participating in the school’s band or the choir, learning to dance, being involved in theater both on and off the stage, art at SAI International Residential School instills a sense of confidence, creativity and self-respect. Through the multidimensional programs, many students discover and hone their individual talents.

Music and Drama programmes explore creativity and self-expression as they provide students’ opportunities to develop ideas, write the script, practice and perform. Along with supporting spatial learning and temporal reasoning, the programme is innovatively planned to give students opportunities to collaborate, influence and lead. The school provides a conducive and creative environment for the holistic development of every child, so that they learn and respect Indian culture and traditions. Talented, versatile and well trained faculty members from different art forms, guide, train and motivate the amateur artists to explore their hidden talents and subsequently nurture them to transform into skilled performers.

Students with a genuine desire to learn a variety of dance styles, forms and techniques are not only given training but also inspired and encouraged to choreograph their own dance, under the able guidance of a professional dance teacher.

Music is a vital part in the curriculum at SIRS and ample opportunities are provided to students who wish to develop an aptitude for music.   The music department of SIRS has well-equipped classrooms with a wide range of instruments, a state of the art lab, spacious practice rooms, and several performance spaces. Students are introduced to an extensive palette of skills, cultures, contexts, composition strategies, performance opportunities, and the sheer joy of making music furthers enhances their abilities. The multiple opportunities include concerts, musicals, operas, assemblies, and matinee recitals. Within the framework, students continue with music-making and performing, benefitting from music as a vehicle for communicating with each other and the world. This helps them to build up a broad musical repertoire by learning part-songs and canons from different cultures and time periods. At the same time, students develop their aural perception, analysis, musical literacy, and composing skills while studying the contexts of music history and the structures of music theory.


SIRS seeks to foster a lifelong love and participation in theatrical arts. This is done by offering a number of educational opportunities for students, whether they seek to enhance their confidence in oral expression, develop recreational performing talents, or focus on applying these skills professionally. All students deserve an opportunity to grow through exploration and experimentation in the field of theatre hence they are not limited at any level of coursework, and an effort is made to involve as many students as possible both on- and off stage in the extracurricular productions.

With well designed modules to imbibe an interest for theatre in the students, by involving them in various theatrical activities such as acting, studying theatre, its nature etc, and an insight is provided into its diverse forms. Through exploration and engagement in theatre, students discover the value and impact of arts in society and culture. SIRS intends to create lifelong learners, performers, and patrons of arts through this medium.

Creativity is a frame of mind and an approach to life. It is the capacity to experiment and play, to take informed risks, to plan and anticipate, to view matters from various perspectives, and to overcome one’s own fear of failure. The art teachers of SIRS scrupulously guide the students in the use of materials, techniques, tools, skills, and concepts in specially designed studios. They are guided towards developing the ability to apply the elements and principles of art to create, discuss, and appreciate works of art. The production and appreciation of the visual arts provides a substantial vehicle for realizing diversity in individuals, societies, and cultures. We strongly feel that visual arts provide a dynamic forum for expression and discussion, for acquiring skills and techniques, and for constant interaction with the values and preferences of different cultures. Creativity is a frame of mind and an approach to life. It is the capacity to experiment and play, to take informed risks, to plan and anticipate, to view matters from various perspectives, and to overcome one’s own fear of failure. The art and craft department strives to develop and maintain a stimulating, calm, safe, and challenging learning environment, in which communication is based on encouragement, trust, respect, and tolerance. The art village has multiple activities with specially designed studios for each activity. The areas of engagement at the art village include:

  • Painting
  • Wood work
  • Sculpturing – in stone, wood, ceramics, metal, paper etc.
  • Paper puppets
  • Pottery
  • Ceramics