Visiting relatives

  • 05 Jun, 2018

Holiday is the time to connect with all your cousins and relatives. Your cousins are your first best friends, they understand the ins and outs and the dynamics of your family, and you may have the exact opinion on who is crazy and who is not. Family reunions are always fun, most of your cousins plan to meet up during summer holidays. There are people of all age groups; parents with their siblings, small kids will have their own group, teenager will stick around together; the older kids have their own bracket and their own secrets, and there would be one who would fit in all groups and transfer information.

Holidays bring nuclear families together; it creates a bond which lasts for lifetime: one always looks back on the times spent together.

One gets to know each other more and try to solve issues if anyone is going through a bad phase.

When there’s a get together one can plan out some major issues running in the family as a whole. The projects could be big or small as per the intensity one can take collective actions and solve it.

Children get encouraged and motivated as different achievements of theirs is acknowledged and shared with everyone in the family.

Children get to know about their other distant relatives, through the talks and discussion going on.

How can it be more enjoyable??

  • Plan an outing together
  • Go for picnics
  • Go for long drives
  • See the old photo albums and listen to all the stories and emotions associated with each picture.
  • Hold photo sessions take fam-fies
  • Sit and talk with grand parents know the stories of your parents, uncles and aunts.
  • Have dinners together as it is said. “A family that eats together; stays together”.

Plan a visit to your grandparents as these days will never come back. Have an awesome time!!