An effective communicator and educator, Shri Agnihotri brings with him an experience of 25 years in the field of education. His unique skillset has enabled him to be an effective team leader and helped him forge long-standing relationships.

He firmly believes that nothing is impossible for the one who has the courage to take on new challenges. This has been inculcated in him from his days at his alma-mater, La Martiniere College, Lucknow, and adhered to by him for over a decade at the same institution as Senior Teacher, Scouts Master, NCC Officer and House Master.

A much respected and sought-after communicator on Leadership, Best Teaching Practices, Child & Career Counselling and Life Skills Education, Shri Agnihotri has conducted workshops in India, Bangladesh and the United Arab Emirates. This acclaimed educator and academician is also an avid reader and debater and follows various forms of music and sports keenly. Before joining SAI International Residential School, he was the Deputy Head of Assam Valley School, one of the top-ranked institutions of the country.