Dr. Silpi Sahoo


“Happiness is a way of living and education brings in wisdom and together they make life worthwhile.”

Dr Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson of SAI International Education Group (encompassing SAI International School, SAI Angan & SAI International Residential School which rank amidst the top K-12 schools of India), is a staunch advocate for a creative, happiness-oriented, and an inclusive approach to learning. Recognizing the uniqueness of each child's learning style and personality, she emphasizes on the importance of fostering an environment that cherishes individual differences & propagating the significant fact of how every child is unique & hence, possesses a distinctive learning approach.

At the helm of the visionary SAI International Education Group, which stands as the embodiment of Founder-Chairman, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo's pioneering educational vision, Dr. Silpi Sahoo now steers this legacy towards even greater achievements. A distinguished Harvard Alumnus, with a keen interest in understanding the psychological behaviours of young learners, she pays impetus to the mental & emotional well-being of learners. This inclination towards the psychological intricacies of young minds serves as the foundation for facilitating effective learning experiences, thereby enriching their educational journey via innovative teaching methodologies.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo was honored with the distinguished Pratibha Patnaik Woman Achiever Award by the Capital Foundation Society, a recognition bestowed by the esteemed Chief Justice of India, Dr. D.Y. Chandrachud, in recognition of her profound contributions to transforming the state of school education. Her commitment to excellence in education has also been acknowledged through accolades such as the prestigious AARYA Award. Her noteworthy contributions in the education sector are a testament to her unwavering dedication. In addition to her role as the Chairperson, she serves as the State Chairperson - Odisha for FICCI Arise. Dr. Sahoo's vision not only upholds the legacy of the Founder-Chairman but also paves the way for innovative, globally informed educational approaches designed to nurture the holistic development of young minds and shape their intellectual and moral compasses, enabling them to navigate the complexities of their future endeavours with wisdom and confidence.