Students’ Day Out

  • 12 Apr, 2018

Various researches and studies suggest that students understand more through hands-on experience. An outing or an educational trip has immense benefit on them as they enable the students to learn through experience, interact with diversified people, and make memories with peers and above all gives a great time to bond.

On Sunday, April 8, 2018 the students visited the 2nd biggest zoological park in India, the Nandankanan Zoo with escort teachers, staff and the Headmaster. The team was thoroughly briefed on the objective of the trip and the norms to be followed during the trip like rules of the zoo, proper behaviour, not to litter etc. To give the students a better learning experience and for proper monitoring, they were divided into groups and sub groups headed by a teacher-in charge and a student leader. The trip was also planned to inculcate in the students on how to plan and organize a trip, execute it effectively within the set time frame as well as help them understand the animal behaviours and importance of environment.

The maiden trip of SIRS was an eventful, meaningful and memorable one for students, teachers and staff as well. They had a wonderful time watching the varied species of animals and learning about their way of living. Students got to learn about the importance of preserving wildlife. The trip also taught the students on the importance of teamwork and being responsible. The first outing of SIRS will always remain special as it helped in strengthening the bond between students and teachers still further.

The journey to lead at SIRS has begun with great learning!!