Socially Distanced Youth

  • 02 Jan, 2018

There is no denying the fact that humans, by nature, are social beings. We will need to hone our social skills to be well accepted in society. School going children often misunderstand the function of the social media and make it their only means of socialising. They confine themselves to their comfortable corner, staring into screens all day long, insisting that they are being productive. This is where we, as parents, need to pitch in. Immediate intervention is required.

We must find the right mantra to relieve our children from this deep, dark well into which the energetic youth is drowning itself. Until we admit we have a problem we will not be able work towards finding a solution. There seems to be a crisis of knowledge of what one could do with free time if not being engaged with social network. The media seems to be satisfying the thirst of the youth and thus making them unable to see beyond it.

In a residential school the children are kept gainfully occupied through the day. Its games, activities, academics, outings and various exciting challenges that the students learn to face and overcome. As children prepare for and perform at various forums, the beautiful bond of friendship naturally grows around them. It matures spontaneously and remains amongst them forever.
Our children must be given that atmosphere at home too where the family spends time together and has time to listen to each other. The bonding among the members of the family grows over time. This precious time is sacred and must be given priority. This is eventually looked forward to and these happy moments live in the memory of each member. Family outings, whether nature walks, picnics, drives, fishing, dinners, must be planned from time to time to have something to look forward to. This will keep children gainfully occupied and will convince them about a more fruitful life away from that tempting screen.