Self Discipline – the first step to Success

  • 29 Apr, 2018

The success of a person depends on many things like skills, habits and attitudes but the most important is self discipline. It is the ability to do what we are supposed to do despite how we feel about doing it. A self disciplined man can withstand hardships, temptations and hurdles to pursue the set goal relentlessly in a systematic manner.

Students of Class VIII conducted the Morning Assembly with the theme “Self Discipline”. They showcased a motivational video which gave out a strong message on how self discipline, good food habits, daily meditation and regular exercise help a person to become an achiever. Students learnt the importance of self discipline and how it can be inculcated with necessary will power. Adhering to the self made rules despite obstacles will make a person disciplined in true sense and continuing the effort over the years will make self discipline a habit, eventually leading to success.