Save Water

  • 13 Apr, 2018

Water is a resource that is used by everybody every single day. But as it is not a limitless resource and is fast disappearing, it has become one of the greatest concerns for mankind. We don’t understand the importance of the life saving liquid unless we face water-crisis ourselves. Water Resource Management Organizations all over the World have revealed this alarming reality that by 2050 the total amount of portable water will be reduced by 30%. UNESCO’s report also predicts an intensified water crisis across the country as well.

To create awareness on the importance of water, students of Class VII came up with the theme ‘Save Water’ for the Morning Assembly. Students of Class V and VI gave a thought provoking presentation showcasing our carelessness while using water in our daily life. They also gave the message on the ill-effects of wasting water and the importance of conserving it which will not only help us but also our future generations. The students also spoke on simple tips like fixing a leak or install devise that use less water to perform everyday task.

Activities which involve student interaction promote active learning. This Assembly not only helped the students realize the importance of water but also taught them about the proper utilization of water, how to conserve it and motivate others to save it.