SAIoneers Visit Tribal Museum

  • 31 Jul, 2019

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Confucius adaptation

It was a day-out for the students of SAI International Residential School, to the Odisha State Tribal Museum on July 31, 2019. It was a completely an interactive day out, that augmented the reality glasses for the students. They got the privilege to witness the traditional dress, bead ornaments, silver collars, coin necklaces, elaborate headdresses, ornate wind pipes and musical instruments in one of the gallery while in the other one they saw the weapons used by the tribals in those days for fishing hunting and agriculture.

What caught the eyes of the students were the replicas of traditional houses from the Gadaba, Kandha, Santal, Saora and other tribes behind the museum.

The Children took back with them memories and notes about the tribal history. History is an interesting subject when one gets to visualise it, and SIRS strives to make learning enjoyable with such outings. Students had a time of great learning and experience at the museum.