SAI Thought Leadership: Board Examination Amidst Ongoing Pandemic

  • 14 Apr, 2021

“All who have accomplished great things have had a great aim, have fixed their gaze on a goal which was high, one which sometimes seemed impossible.” —Orison Swett Marden

SAI International Education Group, one of the leading education institutions of India hosted on Saturday April 10, 2021 the second chapter of SAI Thought Leadership, a series of discussion sessions with a focus on the development of the nation. SAI Thought Leadership is a vital learning platform where luminaries, each a leader of prominence and trend setter in their own field, engage in deliberation on a plethora of relevant issues and subjects with a focus on the holistic development of the individuals and the nation. Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj ,Controller of Examinations, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)graced the occasion as the esteemed speaker along with Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Advisor cum Working President, Odisha Adarsha Vidyalaya Sangathan, Govt of Odisha, Founder Mentor, SAI International Education Group.

The CBSE Board will be with the students throughout the exams”, assured Dr. Bhardwaj , The erudite speakers, via their deeply enriching talks will not just develop civic competences, regulate thought processes but act as pathfinders and problem solvers. Each session will be followed by a stimulating face to face conversation between the esteemed speaker and Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo Founder, SAI International Education Group.

Speaking on the session Dr. Sanyam Bhardwaj, Controller of Examinations, Central Board remarked, “First of all my request to everyone, everyone who is eligible for vaccination, please get vaccinated. That way when the examination does happen you can do the duties properly of taking and invigilating during exams. I would request the parents to keep an eye on the status of corona virus and the status of your child’s preparation. We will start taking the advice of the doctors into making a proper plan for conducting the examination smoothly. The students of this batch will perform much better I believe from the previous batch because they have gotten a lot of time for self-study. You must work hard and take responsibility into performing well. Your school, the chairman, principal and the entire nation is with you. We should be able to work and perform well for the future of the youth.

The topic of discussion for the session hosted today was CBSE Board Examinations – Demystified” which focused on all the necessary roles of Students / Institutions and the board in conducting the upcoming CBSE board exams safely. Dr Bhardwaj highlighted all the measures taken by the CBSE board in conducting the upcoming board exams. Special emphasis has been given to students safety, thus the board has increased the no of examination centers from 500 to 700 in numbers and strict covid protocols will be maintained throughout the centers.

I would request everybody that we are a very selfless organisation, and we are concerned about the betterment of the youth. When you are entering the examination centres kindly maintain all rules. My blessing is with all the students. We are in constant touch with the Government and other sister concerns and we are all making sure that everything is correlated in such a manner that exams are conducted smoothly.”

As one of the leading educational institutions of India, the prime focus for SAI International Education Group has been to bring about a radical change in the education dimension by fostering a community of educators, parents, students and institutions, in a bid to make education more relevant in these changing times. Therefore, in accordance with the National Education Policy, the genesis of SAI Thought Leadership took shape with the vision to inspire leaders who have withstood the test of time, armed with a heightened sense of equanimity.

Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder SAI International Group, was humbled expressed his heartfelt gratitude on behalf of 25000 schools in India and abroad and lakhs of students to Dr. Bhardwaj and said “ I am amazed on his clarity, transparency of information and nobody could have put forth CBSE views with such firmness, clarity and candidness. And he spoke with such ease and calm manner, addressing each and every question with great patience, our students would highly benefit if they followed what DR. Bhardwaj conveyed. Such transparency is the key feature of CBSE and that’s why CBSE is the best examination Board of country”.