SAI International Residential School (SIRS) provides separate facilities for boys and girls with caring House Masters, House Wardens and proper security, ensuring a pleasant stay hence allowing students to focus on their primary goals.

The hostel is equipped with:

  • Air-conditioned residential rooms, sitting lounge with sofa, television facilities and refrigerator.
  • On-campus laundry service.
  • Strict vigilance through the latest CCTV, to ensure high level security, fire warning systems, 24-hour guards and wardens.
  • For medical aid and any kind of emergencies, in-house doctors and trained nurses are available; tie-ups with leading hospitals of the city ensure the best possible care.
  • On-campus bank and ATM facility available.
  • A hygienic kitchen and well-ventilated large dining hall ensures students are provided food high in nutritional value.

The students learn how to live, work and play together, share experiences with people from different cities and cultural backgrounds. For safety and to inculcate discipline, students follow a strict daily routine and are not allowed to leave the campus without prior permission. We aim to provide a caring home away from home for boarders, where they can enjoy happy and fulfilling lives.

The well equipped hi-tech infirmary at SIRS has full-time doctors and professionally trained medical staff. The infirmary has several beds and is well-equipped with all possible facilities. In case of a serious illness or emergency, the students are taken to the hospital in the school ambulance. Parents are informed immediately and till their arrival, they are kept updated on the health situation of the child. The school has adequate provisions to pay special attention to the health needs of each and every student. Each student has a health card and their health records are also simultaneously maintained by the medical staff. Regular checkups are done to help the child remain healthy and to identify any possible medical emergency or problem.  Mediclaim and insurance schemes are also available (optional).

The school is committed to pay special attention to every student’s health. The moderate climate, a pollution-free atmosphere, regular exercise and a well balanced diet ensures the students’ good health throughout the year.