Process & Guidelines

Admission to SAI International Residential School is open to all boys and girls between the age of 10 to 14 irrespective of social status, religion or nationality.

Age Restrictions as on 30th September of the year of joining are as follows: 

Applications will be accepted through the year from students seeking entry into Classes IV to IX and Class XI (Science/Commerce/ Humanities).

Proficiency and Aptitude Assessments for different classes will be conducted once the candidate is registered.

Pupils who qualify the Assessment are called for an interaction along with parents. The school prefers both parents to attend the interaction. Post a successful interaction an Offer Letter is sent to the selected candidate/s.

One term fee would be charged at the time of admission. The Admission will be confirmed once the fee is paid within the time stipulated in the Offer Letter. The decision of the Headmaster is final.

The admission of a child to the School is on the understanding that the parent or guardian delegates their authority to the Headmaster during term time and to the School Resident Medical Officer in matters of health. Rules are subject to change at the discretion of the School. The admission of a child will mean a complete acceptance by the parent / guardian of all the School Rules in force or as amended from time to time.

The School reserves the right of refusing admission / readmission.

Enquiries regarding Admissions / Registration should be addressed to:-