Old is Gold

  • 07 Aug, 2018

“Keep calm and believe in grey cells, they give the best suggestion”

The Chakra house teachers of SAI International Residential School staged a beautiful performance on the theme “old is gold” on August 7, 2018. The performance left the students mesmerized. Old is gold the proverb goes without saying that the older one gets; they become a storehouse of knowledge and experience.

Ageing is not just a number but an experience of wisdom, insight and influence a person has gained over the years. Old is compared to gold as gold is a precious metal. So the experience that one hears from the elders is as expensive as gold because he/she has lived many years to learn the lesson of life as they have attained milestones and landmarks. So one must remember if elders share their knowledge then one must adhere to it.

It was a good learning experience for the students of SIRS.