Unlocking Pathways: SIR’s Career & Education Fair Explores Profile Building and Diverse Career Opportunities

SAI International Residential School hosted a dynamic Career & Education fair on July 4, 2023, exclusively for Class XI and XII students, aiming to provide students with valuable insights into the importance of profile building and exploring a wide range of career opportunities. A total of 18 esteemed universities participated in the event, including BITS Law School, Shiv Nadar University, SAI University, SRM University AP, and Alliance University Bengaluru. Students had the opportunity to interact with representatives from Vellore Institute of Technology, GD Goenka University, World University of Design, Mody University, and many more. The fair served as a platform for students to discover the trending courses and programs offered by institutions like Ashoka University, Rishihood University, Anglo Eastern Maritime, Flame University, ILEAD Kolkata, Mahindra University, Plaksha University, Acharya Institute of Management Studies Bengaluru, and Indian Institute of Art and Design New Delhi. This comprehensive fair enabled students to make informed decisions about their educational and career pathways.

“It was an extraordinary experience that has shaped my perspective on future possibilities. Engaging with representatives from renowned universities and exploring diverse career pathways has ignited a sense of passion and purpose within me. This fair has not only provided valuable insights but also instilled confidence in me to pursue my dreams with determination.", said a student from Class XII.

“The Education Fair left a lasting impression on me, particularly when I discovered the 'Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship' program offered by Rishihood University. As an aspiring entrepreneur with a passion for the digital realm, this course seemed tailor-made for me. The representatives shared insightful details about the curriculum, practical projects, and industry connections that would provide me with hands-on experience and equip me with the necessary skills to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This course not only sparked my interest but also ignited a fire within me to pursue a path that aligns with my passions and future goals.", said another student from Class XI.