The Power of Discourse: Founder’s Debate Takes Center Stage

The Founder's Debate, previously known as the Chairman's Cup Debate, unfolded its rich history and significance on September 11, 2023. This prestigious literary event, which began its journey in 2014 under the visionary leadership of Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, the esteemed Chairman, has consistently illuminated the world of academia and intellectual discourse.

For six remarkable years, the Founder's Debate served as a vibrant platform where sharp intellects from diverse backgrounds converged to engage in spirited discussions, reflective deliberations, and passionate debates on a wide array of topics. It acted as a crucible for nurturing intellectual curiosity and fostering a deep love for literature and the art of debate.

In a significant first, the Founder's Debate took place at SAI International Residential School, a testament to Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo's enduring vision and dedication. This literary gem has left an indelible impact on all participants and observers over the years, showcasing the power of well-crafted arguments, the art of persuasion, and the diplomacy inherent in discourse.

The debate topic, "Old age homes as institutions of charity are reflections of our societal collapse than our expanded selves," drew intense engagement from 16 participants, with 8 supporting and 8 opposing the motion, representing four houses. The event aimed to refine students' public speaking skills and nurture their ability to articulate thoughts and opinions effectively. The session became a kaleidoscope of opinions, thoughts, and perspectives, enriching participants' knowledge and understanding of the significance and implications of old age homes in our society. The distinguished panel of judges, including Nishat Anwar, Subhakanta Jena, and Debashreeta Sethy, added credibility to this intellectually stimulating event.