The AI Revolution: Standout TED Talk by Shri Athithan Gopalaswamy, Former DG DRDO DS-CAIR

The distinguished presence of SAITED Chief Guest, Shri Athithan Gopalaswamy, Former DG DRDO DS- Centre for Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (CAIR), added lustre to SAITED 2023. His perspective on Artificial Intelligence during the TED Talk underscored the fest's role in nurturing youth potential in STEM disciplines and delved into the transformative realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound implications for the future of science, technology, and society at large.

Mr. Gopalaswamy elucidated on the evolving landscape of AI, emphasizing its pivotal role in shaping the unseen paradigm of our world. He explored the intricate intersections of AI with various scientific disciplines, shedding light on its applications in robotics, data analysis, and problem-solving. By presenting real-world examples and cutting-edge advancements, he painted a vivid picture of how AI is pushing the boundaries of what was once deemed impossible.

Furthermore, Shri Athithan Gopalaswamy discussed the significance of fostering a deep understanding of AI among the youth. His presence added a layer of prestige to SAITED 2023, reinforcing the fest's commitment to providing a platform for thought leadership and knowledge exchange in the ever-evolving landscape of science and technology. His TED Talk not only resonated with the festival's theme, "Evolving Perspectives: Navigating the Unseen Paradigm," but also left an indelible mark on the participants, encouraging them to explore the limitless possibilities that AI holds for the future.

In his address during the SAITED Talk, he shared, “This fest is a platform for students to exhibit their talents and share innovative ideas and provides a valuable opportunity for students to refine their skills and showcase their creativity. SAITED is serving as a hub for nurturing the talents of our youth."

While addressing the students in SAITED 2023,

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group, expressed, “Just like every year, this year as well, I am overwhelmed to see the perfectly organized and managed mega science event like this by my SAIoneers. We are following the path of our Founder- Chairman Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, and we are committed to nurturing leadership qualities, critical thinking abilities, creative mind, and scientific temperament among students.”