Sustainable Dialogues via Virtual Round Square Postcard, Chile Session

In a collaborative effort, SAI International Residential School actively engaged in the Round Square Virtual Activity, specifically the RS Zoom Postcard hosted by Craighouse School in Chile. The event, themed "Every Change Counts: Building a Sustainable Environment Together," unfolded during a 60-minute virtual session on Wednesday, 15th November, at 6:00 pm IST and 9:30 am Chile time (GMT -3).

This global initiative brought together a diverse community, with over 150 participants from 30 schools across 10 countries, including Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, India, Peru, South Africa, the USA, and the UK.

During the event, participants were organized into different Barraza rooms, where they delved into discussions about the small changes and initiatives undertaken at both individual and school levels to protect and preserve the environment. The collaborative dialogue led to the generation of numerous solutions, the sharing of new ideas, and the dissemination of best practices implemented at various levels.

This impactful session served as a valuable opportunity for participants to realize, interact, and comprehend the significance of small changes, emphasizing how these individual efforts can collectively have a substantial impact on our environment.