Strengthening Global Collaboration with Chosen Hills School, UK

In a concerted effort to strengthen our commitment to global collaboration, SAI International School extended a heartfelt welcome to a distinguished delegation from Chosen Hills School, London, UK. This visit holds special significance, marking their return after eight years as our cherished long-term partner school from the UK. From November 7 to 10, 2023, their three-day itinerary commenced with an enlightening cultural exchange, allowing them to experience firsthand the rich tapestry of our diverse student body.

The delegation, genuinely impressed by our state-of-the-art educational facilities, engaged in thought-provoking discussions with our school leadership. Day 1 of the visit was thoughtfully curated, encompassing a comprehensive school tour. It was designed to showcase our holistic approach to education, demonstrating how we strive to provide a stimulating and nurturing learning environment. After a sumptuous lunch, the group explored Dhauligiri, tying the cultural exchange to this historical site, fostering a deeper appreciation for our rich heritage.

Mr. Matthew Pauling, Head Teacher of Chosen Hill School, expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome and hospitality they received during their visit, making it a truly memorable experience. Moreover, Mr. Ian Bird, International Dimensions Lead at Chosen Hill School, was deeply impressed with our school's standards and expressed a keen interest in strengthening international ties to promote intercultural exchange and global understanding, thus expanding our global horizons.

On Day 2 of the collaborative venture with Chosen Hill School, UK, our shared commitment to global education flourished. The delegation then delved into the heart of our academic environment, attending various classrooms and commending the students' confidence and the innovative flip classroom approach. The cultural immersion extended to Konark, with a visit to the UNESCO monument and a taste of Odisha's cuisine. A visit to the Tribal Museum of Kalabhoomi, where the delegation immersed themselves in the rich culture and tribes of our state. The innovative Projection wall left a lasting impression, symbolizing the depth of our cultural heritage. The Blue Flag Beach left them mesmerized with its warm waters, and they expressed a desire to spend an entire day there. Their experience ignited a yearning to return and delve deeper into Odisha's rich cultural tapestry.

Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International, said "This exchange exemplifies our dedication to creating a global learning ecosystem that transcends borders, fostering lasting connections."

On November 9, 2023, Team SIRS orchestrated a captivating evening of cultural exchange for the esteemed guests from Chosen Hill School, London, UK. The splendid event unfolded with a delightful garden party and dinner showcasing the rich flavours of Odisha. Adorned with vibrant decorations, the soirée featured an array of global, local, and traditional cuisines complemented by light music. Against the backdrop of a picturesque setting, attendees engaged in lively conversations, fostering connections that transcended borders. This gathering exemplified our unwavering commitment to promoting international understanding and camaraderie.

On their final day, November 10, 2023, the Chosen Hill School delegation engaged in a series of enriching activities. They commenced by meeting the Chairperson, Dr. Silpi Sahoo delving into discussions about future collaborations and exchanging tokens of appreciation. Subsequently, they engaged in a comprehensive discussion with HODs, CILs, and Deans regarding STEM and cultural exchange projects, exploring ways to involve students in long-term endeavors. Meeting with teachers who had previously visited Chosen Hill School, they received hand-painted diyas. The guests admired the diverse Rangoli displays throughout the school premises, bidding adieu to the SAI Family. Before heading to the airport, they made a final stop at Ekamra Haat for local shopping and souvenirs.

The final day included discussions on future collaborations, token exchanges, and a farewell to the SAI Family. The delegation, appreciative of the rich experiences, expressed a desire to deepen ties and expand global horizons.