SIRS Cadets Excel at the Combined Annual Training Camp 2023-24

In a remarkable showcase of discipline, dedication, and skill, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) cadets from SAI International Residential School left an indelible mark at the Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC) 2023-24 held at Synergy Institute of Engineering and Technology (SIET), Dhenkanal, from January 16-25, 2024.

Over 500 cadets from across the state participated in the 10-day camp organized by the 12 Odisha Battalion NCC, Dhenkanal. The rigorous training encompassed various aspects of military and personal development, emphasizing the core values of the NCC.

Days 1 to 3: Building Foundations (16th to 18th January 2024)

The mornings began early for the cadets, waking up at 5 o'clock for PT classes followed by a nourishing breakfast of bread, jam, and boiled eggs. The day unfolded with drill classes, weapon training, map reading, and theory classes on diverse topics such as personality development, leadership, motivation, first-aid treatment, and disaster management. After theory sessions, the cadets enjoyed a lunch break, followed by rest and then engaged in sports and cultural activities.

Days 4 and 5: Aiming for Excellence (19th and 20th January 2024)

Continuing the regimen, cadets underwent firing training at the range, mastering the 0.22 Inch Deluxe Rifles and its assembly and dismantling. The firing competition saw Kaushik Mohanty of SAI International Residential School clinch the 1st prize, showcasing exceptional marksmanship.

Days 6 and 7: Commando Training and Tactical Demonstrations (21st and 22nd January 2024)

The cadets transitioned to commando training, fully equipped with modern weapons. Ceasefire sounds echoed as cadets, dressed as commandos, demonstrated tactics to safeguard the border line. Evening assemblies and roll calls maintained a sense of discipline throughout.

Day 8: Motivation from the Top Brass (23rd January 2024)

Group Commandant Lt Col. Satyabadi Swain visited the campsite, interacting with the cadets, and motivating them to work hard while staying committed to life's goals.

Day 9: Unity and Discipline Addressed (24th January 2024)

In the closing ceremony, Commanding Officer Lt. Col. Lalit Kumar Mohapatra emphasized unity and discipline, encouraging cadets to consider a future in defense service and serve the nation.

Day 10: A Memorable Farewell (25th January 2024)

The final day included PT classes in the morning, followed by breakfast. After a felicitation ceremony, cadets received lunch packs for dispersal. As they left the camp area, the SIRS cadets carried with them a treasure trove of memories and lessons learned for a lifetime.