SAIoneers Engage in Global Learning at RS Te Reo Māori Indigenous Language Lab

On May 23rd, SAIoneers participated in the RS Te Reo Māori Indigenous Language Lab hosted by Christ's College, New Zealand. The virtual session, held from 10 to 11 am IST, focused on "Introduction to the Language and Heritage" and brought together students from India, Japan, and New Zealand. This diverse and enriching environment allowed students to delve into the rich cultural tapestry of the Māori language.

One of the participants, Mahi, expressed her enthusiasm: "Today's session was a blast. I loved every bit of it. The hosts were amazing and they explained every little detail that was required to learn a new language. I'm grateful for this international learning opportunity and for my teachers' support. I am eagerly looking forward to attending the upcoming sessions for more learning and intercultural exchange."

The session commenced with a captivating dance performance video by the children of the host school, setting a vibrant tone for the day. This was followed by an introductory segment on the Māori language, presented by the hosts. To facilitate a more in-depth learning experience, students were then divided into three Baraza rooms for detailed discussions and learning. The hosts elaborated on the fundamentals of the Māori language, highlighting its spiritual connection with the people of New Zealand and their community. Students particularly enjoyed learning about the alphabets and phonics, which were both engaging and informative.

This event provided our students with a unique opportunity to explore a new language and culture, fostering a deeper appreciation for global heritage. It underscored the importance of intercultural exchange and the value of understanding diverse traditions and languages.

We extend our gratitude to Round Square for this wonderful initiative that encourages global connections and promotes intercultural understanding. We eagerly anticipate more such opportunities in the future, enabling our students to broaden their horizons and enrich their educational journey.