SAIoneers Commemorate AFS 18th Anniversary with “Mutthi Bhar Anaaj 2.0 – A Handful of Grains” Campaign

On November 27, 2023, SAIoneers at SIRS joyfully marked the 18th Anniversary of AFS by actively engaging in the "Mutthi Bhar Anaaj 2.0 – A Handful of Grains" campaign. Led by the dynamic SIRS team, the initiative embodied compassion and community service, symbolizing the school's commitment to social responsibility. Students wholeheartedly participated, contributing grains for the underprivileged and fostering empathy and solidarity. The collected grains were distributed to local charities, notably benefiting the residents of the tribal village, Bhalunka, addressing food insecurity. The campaign not only tackled a social issue but also cultivated altruism and awareness, emphasizing the significance of giving back to society. 🌾