SAI Alumni Talk was conducted on Saturday, September 12, 2020 for the students of Classes IX to XII of SAI International School and Classes IX to XI of SAI International Residential School by SAI International School alumnus Vikram Aditya Sahoo from the batch of 2014 Class.

Alumnus of SAI International Vikram highlighted the ‘power of you’ emphasizing on the it’s four important aspects; evolving from the ‘power of ordinary to the extraordinary’, ‘powers of self-belief’ to attain success, importance of the ‘power of fear’ and the ‘power of now’ to reach the set goal. The highly invigorating and interactive session had many learning key points for the students especially when they are at the threshold of entering a newer world of competition and exposure. While interacting with the students Class X and XII he said, ”the only thing you can control is your present to make the future of your dreams”.

It was an emotional moment for the teachers as well as for Vikram at the session.

SAI Alumni Talk endeavors to pave a way for interaction between our alumni and our current batch of SAIoneers, to inspire our students to dream big and achieve their dreams. It is a brilliant medium for you to interact with your seniors and learn from their experiences. You will know directly from them the processes to get into the fields and areas of your interest. These sessions will not only widen your knowledge horizon but also your career prospects. Your seniors will guide you on how you can pursue your passion and the steps you can take to achieve your objective. The sessions will help you prepare for the real world.