The second session of the SAI Alumni Talk was held on Saturday,  July 11, 2020.  After the grand success of our 1st SAI Alumni Talk, this week, SAI International’s enterprising Alumnus Arnav Mishra made a Presentation/ Talk, followed by a Question & Answer session with the students. Arnav is presently a student of the prestigious University of British Columbia (UBC) Sauder School of Business, Vancouver, Canada. The very talented boy is also the Co-Founder & CEO of FoodBuddy, an application-based platform to counter social media addiction and loneliness of students at UBC. Presently he is interning with Deloitte.

SAI International Education Group launched SAI Alumni Talk on Saturday, July 4, 2020, a Talk series to be held every Saturday by illustrious and acclaimed Alumni of SAI International School who have excelled in their own spheres like academics, sports, entrepreneurship, performing and visual arts and many more. The program aims to provide an opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge about career and future prospects. It also endeavors to pave a way for interaction between our SAI Alumni and our current batch of Class IX to XII students of SAI International School and SAI International Residential School, so as to inspire the students to dream big and prepare them to achieve it.

In the Question & Answer session, students posed their queries related to study abroad and the challenge. They also asked question on his start-up FoodBuddy. The session attracted more than 1000 students

“Be the best and different from the rest” a slogan etched in the heart and mind of each SAIoneer, even years after graduating from the school. While talking about his success mantra Arnav said that he believes in, “Build, Test and Succeed” the three stages to achieve the goal. In his message to his fellow SAIoneers the talented young boy urged the students to go beyond their possibilities and be the change they want to see around.

Alumni Talks will provide a brilliant medium to interact with Seniors and learn from their experiences. Students will know directly from them the processes to get into fields and areas of their interest, which would not only widen their knowledge horizon but also achieve their career objective. Arnav while answering the question posed by a student guided him on how to do preparation right from grade IX to reach the desired goal and the steps to be taken to achieve the objectives.

While talking about Founder & Mentor SAI International Dr Sahoo, Arnav said, “he is the best mentor and a father figure, I always look up to, I’m thankful and proud of SAI International to have groomed me as the person I am today”.

“It is always a pleasure to see my children across the globe following their passion with diligence. From the very beginning I knew Arnav would reach newer heights and make his mark on the global map. SAI International is not just an institute but a hub of creating leaders”, said Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder & Mentor SAI International Education Group.