RS Postcard: Fostering Intercultural Exchange

Students from SAI International Residential School took part in the Round Square Virtual Activity titled "RS Zoom Postcard from Sunbeam Suncity" in India. This event was hosted by Sunbeam Suncity (School & Hostel) in Varanasi, India, under the theme "Past echoes: rediscovering our roots." The 90-minute virtual session, held on Wednesday, November 1,2023, brought together approximately 95 participants from 12 schools across three countries: India, South Africa, and the UAE.

Ms. Ragini Maharaj, a renowned Kathak Artist and the granddaughter of the legendary Kathak Dancer Pt. Birju Maharaj, served as the keynote speaker. She shared her remarkable experiences, family history, and inspirational journey with the attendees. The children actively engaged in discussions during the Baraza and exchanged their learning experiences and feedback with one another. This event provided a valuable opportunity for intercultural exchange and the expansion of our global network, making it a truly enriching learning experience.