Rhythmic Revelry in Inter-House Dance Gala

On the 9th of December 2023, SIRS, orchestrated a mesmerizing Inter-House Dance Competition, transforming the campus into a dynamic arena of artistic prowess. The event, featuring classical, semi-classical, and patriotic themes, unveiled the multifaceted dance talents of students from diverse houses.

A symphony of creativity resonated through solo, duet, and group performances, showcasing a rich tapestry of dance styles. From the grace of semi-classical to the elegance of classical, participants captivated both the audience and the discerning judges, Ms. Sanju Kumari and Mrs. J Krishna Kumari, with their impeccable choreography and precision.

Beyond the friendly rivalry that unfolded on the dance floor, the competition illuminated the vibrant artistic community thriving within the school. Cheers reverberated through the halls, echoing the celebration of unity and talent that defined this unforgettable dance extravaganza. This event not only showcased the students' exceptional abilities but also underscored the school's commitment to fostering a culture of creativity and collaboration.