Outstanding Student Achievements Headline Second Day of Founder’s Day Celebrations

The second day of the Founder's Day celebrations witnessed a cascade of accolades as deserving students were honored for their exceptional achievements. Dhvaja House (Red) proudly clinched the prestigious Founder's Trophy, recognizing their outstanding performance in academics, sports, and cultural activities.

In a celebration of intellectual prowess, the Founder's Debate Cup found its winners, with accolades extended to the debate champion and the best speaker. The academic achievers of the school received well-deserved recognition, and special mention was made of Shubhi Agarwal, who was honored with the Global SAIoneer Award for securing the top position in the Class XII Board Exam.

In the realm of academic excellence, Srivatsa House (Yellow) emerged triumphant as the overall academic champion. Dhvaja House (Red) claimed the Cultural Champion title, showcasing their prowess in cultural activities. The Sports Champion award was rightfully bestowed upon the Chakra House (Green), recognizing their outstanding achievements in the sporting arena.

Heartfelt congratulations are extended to all the award winners for their exemplary accomplishments. The Founder's Day celebration not only highlighted academic and extracurricular excellence but also underscored the commitment of the school to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel in various facets of life.