Shri Akash Gautam, one of the top motivational speakers in India addressed the Personality Development Expert Session of SAI International e-Summer Camp, on Friday, June 12, 2020. Blending humor with philosophy, Shri Gautam spoke about the essence of real happiness, which is felt by 1% of the population. He believes it is essential to give 100 per cent in order to live more fulfilling lives and the only way to happiness is through happiness.
Sharing his insights on happiness with the students and teachers, Shri Gautam said happiness is self discipline and self discipline requires will power; and will power can only be streamlined through proper diet. He spoke about the importance of having a loving family, where people not only help each other but also make an effort to spend quality time together, so as to create a happy aura. He urged everyone to restrict the use of social media or mobile phones and follow the 90:60:30 approach that is not to touch the mobile phones for the first 90 minutes after waking, not to check it for 60 minutes after reaching home from work and stop using it 30 minutes before going to bed. He advised the parents to follow a routine if they want their children to be disciplined as children learn more from observation than through advice.
Answering to one of the queries by a student on his inability to make others happy inspite of his sincere effort, Shri Gautam said that never make an over effort to make others happy. If one is internally happy or at peace with the self, the happiness with automatically radiate, through success and spread an aura of happiness all around. He said “It is a long life. It doesn’t matter if a few people do not like you. Do not let it affect your confidence. Millions might like you later”.
Talking about new age careers, Shri Gautam said that as the traditional pathways are changing fast and the top seven careers are not yet born, there is too much confusion. However he advised the students to be confident, do something which is rare and suggested them to widen their arena by studying in bigger cities, good colleges and be in the company of people who are more knowledgeable.
Shri Gautam very effectively inspired the viewers by sharing his insights through his gift of gab. The e-Summer Camp of SAI International is being held from June 1 to 14, 2020, where students from SAI International School, SAI Angan and SAI International Residential School are actively participating. Each evening an Expert Session is being held for the students and parents.