Interact Club’s Cultural Exchange: Embracing Diversity, Forging Bonds

SAI International Residential School's Interact Club successfully organized a cultural exchange program on September 27, 2023, welcoming Godisahi High School. This event proved to be highly impactful, as it not only facilitated a deeper understanding of different cultures but also promoted strong bonds among the participating students.

The students from both schools enthusiastically engaged in a variety of activities, such as singing, painting, dance, and drama. These activities served as avenues for cultural expression and creative exploration, enhancing the overall experience.

The primary objectives of the cultural exchange program were met with resounding success. It played a pivotal role in raising cultural awareness and celebrating diversity. Moreover, it acted as a catalyst for forging lasting friendships between students. Stepping outside of their comfort zones, participants had the opportunity to gain insights into unfamiliar cultures, thereby fostering a profound appreciation for the diverse tapestry of traditions that enrich our society.