Inclusive Leadership: SAIoneers Challenge Societal Biases

SAIoneers joined a significant Round Square Zoom Postcard event hosted by the Indian High School Dubai on 29th May 2024. This event brought together 100 participants from 24 schools across seven countries, focusing on the theme "Don’t Stereotype Me! What does it take to break a stereotype?". Student leaders from the hosting schools kicked off the event by sharing digital posters promoting gender equality as pre-work, aligned with SDG5. The session included discussions, polls, videos, quizzes, and more, addressing stereotypes related to age, race, regionalism, AI biases, workplace discrimination, beauty standards, body positivity, media representation, gender identity, and toxic masculinity. The event emphasized accepting, respecting, and celebrating differences, showcasing SIRS students' proactive engagement in promoting inclusivity and challenging societal stereotypes globally.