Happiness Begets Happiness

The senior students orchestrated a heartwarming activity on August 12, 2023, where they engaged in Dancing with the SAI Care workers & staff members, creating a ring of happiness. This endeavour beautifully echoed the wisdom of their Founder Chairman, Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo: "Happiness begets happiness." The essence of the activity lay in the profound message – “Don’t wait for the destination, Start finding happiness while you are on the journey.” This sentiment perfectly resonated with the founder's quote, as it emphasized the significance of embracing happiness in the present moment rather than postponing it for the future. Through their joyful interaction with the workers, the SAIoneers not only spread smiles but also embodied the philosophy of finding happiness along life's journey.

“Dancing with the workers, who so relentlessly contribute towards our life almost every day, around this school, was a powerful reminder that happiness isn't a destination but a choice we make every step of the way. Just like our Founder said, 'Happiness begets happiness,' and today, we experienced the truth in those words as our shared laughter created a ring of joy that encompassed us all.", said a student.

"Being part of this activity made me realize that happiness isn't something we need to chase after, but rather something we can cultivate within ourselves and share with others.”, expressed another student.