From Followers to Leaders: The Transformative Impact of Leadership Trips

The Adventure Troop from SIRS embarked on their leadership educursion to Nainital-Jim Corbett, from May 1-May 7, 2023. After receiving a briefing at school, they hopped on the bus and headed for the airport. They had a smooth flight to Delhi and arrived at 10:35AM to a welcome downpour. They then headed to Twilight Estate, Corbett-Nainital Road looking forward to more excitement & adventure. One of the most significant components of this 7-day trip, is the development of leadership by opening up avenues for honing adventure skills, soft skills, social skills & problem-solving skills where students get to learn various survival and life skills that help to remove fear from their minds and encourage them to face challenges with confidence.

Out of Comfort Zone, Into Dynamic Leadership

Such leadership educursions are designed by SAI International to engage the students actively in mentally and physically challenging tasks to provide them a healthy risk-taking experience. Signing up for such trips stands crucial as it pushes young learners to step out of their comfort zones, into the real world, which can sometimes serve them with uncertainty. From settling in their tents to indulging in the bonfire, the camp site was filled with many exciting activities. Starting from self-cooking in the woods, to making rafts to cross the waterbody to rappling and many more. Students actively partook in the entire process of cooking like collecting woods, lighting a fire & making their favourite comfort food-Maggie as they sat together to witness beautiful sunsets. The other activities included Flying Fox, Freefall, Rappelling, Jumaring, Kayaking, Rafting, Slingshot, Morning Nature Walks, Birding Session and much more. Students worked both independently and as a team to complete the given assignments. The activities were critical in teaching the students survival skills which are techniques that a person may use to sustain life in any type of natural environment or managing disaster situations.

An Unforgettable Journey of Self-Discovery

Self-discovery through self-exploration happens through simple questions and proposals (i.e., suggestions about something being explored for acceptance and adoption). The process brings out the leader within everyone. This trip made that possible for every SAIoneer who signed up for a roller coaster of adventure & adrenaline. Self-discovery is about exploring and understanding self, others, and the rest of the universe. It awakens the Leadership by developing the right understanding and harmony with everything and everyone. It makes one aware of the basic human aspiration, natural acceptance, importance of relationships and the comprehensive human goal, thereby contributing immensely towards 360-degree holistic development of a learner. Away from familiar settings of their school & home, into the wilderness of a forest accompanied by a gamut of intriguing adventurous sessions, the SAIoneers discovered themselves & the leader within through self-retrospection.