Forging a Legacy of Service: The Interact Club Induction

On September 18, 2023, a historic event unfolded at SAI International Residential School—the formal installation of the Interact Club. This marked the commencement of a profound journey, as the newly appointed office bearers took on their roles with a deep sense of purpose and accountability.

The ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Rotary Club President, 3262 RI, Shri Manik Sharma, alongside other respected Rotarians. Their attendance was not only a privilege but also a wellspring of motivation for our SAIoneers. Their message resonated clearly: a commitment to serving others, upholding integrity, and fostering global understanding, goodwill, and peace. These were not mere words; they were a call to action, a challenge to instil leadership qualities infused with empathy within our students.

Shri Manik Sharma, with profound wisdom, emphasized, "Leadership isn't about wielding power; it's about empowering others to create a better world." Another distinguished Rotarian affirmed, "Service forms the bedrock of humanity; through it, we construct bridges of hope."

The establishment and operation of the Interact Club within our school transcend symbolic gestures; they represent significant strides in instilling values of service, leadership, and community engagement among our students. These clubs serve as incubators for the leaders of tomorrow, providing a robust platform for personal and social growth. Simultaneously, they nurture a profound sense of civic responsibility, bridging the gap between the school and the wider community. The Interact Club initiative at SAI International Residential School reflects our commitment to fostering character, nurturing leadership, promoting community involvement, nurturing global awareness, and fostering lifelong connections. It is a testament to our school's unwavering dedication to cultivating responsible, empathetic, and socially conscious citizens who will shape a better world.