Enriching Day at Bipin Bihari Choudhury School for the Deaf, Bhubaneswar

On the 28th of November 2023, SAIoneers embarked on a memorable visit to Bipin Bihari Choudhury School for the Deaf in Bhubaneswar. The day was meticulously planned, featuring engaging activities such as painting, quizzes, sports, and an array of entertaining performances.

The students immersed themselves in the experience, eagerly learning the intricacies of sign language and exchanging a plethora of ideas. The agenda included not only educational but also recreational activities, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and camaraderie.

The sporting segment showcased events like the lemon and spoon race and sack race, designed not only for entertainment but also to encourage and enhance the remarkable developmental skills of the students. These activities served as a platform to nurture physical abilities such as balance, agility, and coordination. Moreover, they played a crucial role in boosting the students' confidence, teaching them the value of collaboration, and instilling problem-solving skills through imagination and willpower.

One noteworthy performance involved a mime centered around the minimal usage of mobile phones, delivering a powerful message about responsible technology use. The special educators and teachers played a pivotal role in guiding and assisting our SAIoneers throughout the day.

The students participated wholeheartedly, immersing themselves in the activities and deriving immense joy from the experience. In the spirit of inclusiveness, our SAIoneers passionately advocated for collaboration between civil society and governments to ensure that the principle of "No one is left behind" is upheld in all aspects of life. The visit was not merely a day of activities; it was a celebration of unity, learning, and shared experiences, leaving a lasting impact on both the visitors and the host institution.