Empowering Global Ambassadors

In a celebration of academic excellence, students from SAI International Residential School have achieved remarkable milestones by securing admissions to prestigious universities abroad. These outstanding SAIoneers are not just entering esteemed institutions; they are becoming global ambassadors, prepared to explore a world teeming with possibilities.

Advay Agrawal's acceptance to the University of Warwick, a global leader in education, stands as a testament to the school's commitment to excellence. The University of Warwick, consistently ranked among the top 10 in UK league tables and recognized as a center of research excellence, welcomes Advay into a world of boundless potential.

Abhay Raj Vedi's journey to Boston University marks an academic accomplishment and a pathway to exciting professional prospects. SAI International Residential School takes pride in shaping students like Abhay into beacons of inspiration, illuminating the path for future generations of aspiring scholars.

Inusha Tripathy's admission to Arizona State University, ranked 40th in the U.S. among top universities by QS World University Rankings for 2024, signifies the school's commitment to fostering exceptional talent. Inusha is now poised to embrace a world of limitless opportunities.

Rishit Khataruka's remarkable acceptance to the University of Washington, ranked #6 in Best Global Universities, is a testament to the institution's dedication to academic prowess and unwavering determination. Rishit embarks on a new chapter of his educational journey, well-prepared for personal growth and higher education.

These achievements reaffirm SAI International Residential School's commitment to nurturing global citizens ready to explore and excel in a world of opportunities.