Blooms and Beats: SAIoneers Soar at NLUO’s 2nd Annual Flower Show

SAIoneers showcased their artistic prowess at NLUO's 2nd Annual Flower Show held on Republic Day Eve. The two-day event, which unfolded on the 26th and 27th of January 2024, witnessed an array of creative competitions, highlighting the diverse talents of the participating students.

DAY 1: On the inaugural day, SAIoneers engaged in on-the-spot painting with the theme "Bali Jatra/Happiness" and participated in rangoli competitions, displaying their creativity and skill. The children's spontaneous artistic expressions contributed to the vibrant atmosphere of the event. In addition to visual arts, the institution also actively participated in the potted plants and cut flowers category, further enhancing the overall appeal of the Flower Show. This enthusiastic involvement underscored the school's commitment to nurturing diverse talents beyond the realm of traditional academics.

DAY 2: On the second day of the Flower Show, SAIoneers continued to shine, showcasing exceptional talents and securing victories in various competitions. The Flower Arrangements competition, themed "Peace/Joy/Divinity," saw the students' artistic flair as they created stunning floral displays. The participants also captivated the audience with mesmerizing solo and group dances, exhibiting grace and creativity. These performances celebrated the fusion of nature's beauty and artistic expression, emphasizing the school's dedication to holistic development.

The event not only added vibrancy and elegance to the occasion but also left a lasting impression on the attendees. SIRS students brought home numerous prizes in different categories, marking a remarkable achievement at the prestigious Flower Show.

Winners: Below are the winners of the NLUO's 2nd Annual Flower Show - 2024:

DAY 1 – January 26,2024

On-the-Spot Painting:

Below 12: Chiranjeev (VII)

Above 12: Swatantra (XI), Naitik Agarwal (IX), Nikhil Ranjan (VII), Aritra Karan (IX)


Akankhya Singhari (XI-E), Shreya Raj (IX), Akhya Rout (X), Sai Garima Gupta (XII-D), Tamaghno (XI-E), Jyotiaaditya (XI-E)

Potted Plants: Team SIRS

DAY 2 – January 27,2024

Flower Arrangement (Theme Based): Akankhya Singhari (XI-E), Tamaghno (XI-E), Diya Das (VIII), Drishti Shah (XI)

Dance (Solo):

Below 12: Ansh Patel (V), Keshav Sultania (VI)

Above 12: Krishi Hemanta Singh (XI-D), Krish Khaitan (XII-D), Akhyara Dalai (IX)

Dance (Group): Group of Ten Girls

Potted Plants: Team SIRS

The victories not only brought glory to SIRS but also showcased the multifaceted skills of the students, affirming their excellence in both academics and the arts.