Holistic Education and Enlightenment of Every Child

Every child is encouraged to develop a strong sense of self, an understanding of cultures, and an appreciation of the diversity of the human experience. Every child will also contribute to the education process and growth by harnessing his or her own abilities, talents, and strengths.

Intellectually by

  • Facilitating cooperative, supportive and independent knowledge development
  • Teaching academic expertise in the framework of cosmic learning
  • Developing advanced order thinking through a dynamic curriculum
  • Giving meaningful assessments and appraisals

Emotionally by

  • Promoting categorical acceptance of self
  • Supporting personal development
  • Supporting the partnership between school and home
  • Providing a nurturing atmosphere

Socially by

  • Promoting absolute reception and respect for others
  • Enhancing communication and cooperation skills
  • Refining a sense of responsibility
    Fostering constructive group behaviour

Physically by

  • Recognizing the interdependence of body, mind and soul
  • Teaching respect, care and concern for the body
  • Assisting in the refinement and strengthening of physical talent
  • Valuing the need for decisive involvement

Spiritually by

  • Inspiring love for learning and knowledge
  • Encouraging strength of character
  • Developing and nurturing international perception
  • Sharing joy and admiration for life

To be a centre of knowledge for thought leaders of tomorrow

At SIRS, the vision is to be the foremost centre of knowledge and education in the country, producing leaders of the future with a deep awareness of Indian ethos and a global philosophy and outlook.

It aims at giving a true vision of life to help each student face challenges in a positive and dynamic manner and empathetically contribute to society. Through the child, the light of our vision spreads to the society, the country, and the world at large.

Individuals differ from each other due to their vision of life, including their values and ideals. Building up the right vision in the students is creating a generation of educated and inspired people with a desire to work towards the development of mankind, thus enabling them to lead a meaningful life.

Lifelong Learner – Motivate and inculcate a passion for lifelong learning to keep in pace with the fast changing world.

Self-Disciplined – Inculcate and strengthen self-discipline which builds mental strength and paves the way for achieving meaningful goals in life.

Responsible – Shouldering responsibility from a tender age making a child mature and confident.

Self-Confident – Confidence gives the required courage to overcome obstacles with dignity and ingrains a self-support system within.

Leader – Once a leader, always a leader. Preparing one for a better future while developing the ability to think from a leader’s perspective and inspiring others.

Persuasive – To convince people to take appropriate decisions for themselves as well as for social welfare.

Humble – Humility is the greatest virtue bestowed upon a child. It develops patience, forgiveness and compassion in the child which empowers him/her to lead a content life.

Compassionate – To consciously feel the suffering of others and devise ways to root out the cause, thus making one’s life meaningful and self-satisfying.