Journey to learn and evolve Chennai – Pondicherry – Mahabalipuram – Madurai Educursion of Class VIII

Journey to learn and evolve Chennai – Pondicherry – Mahabalipuram – Madurai Educursion of Class VIII

“To travel is to evolve.”

Pierre Bernardo

The Class VIII students of SIRS went to Chennai – Pondicherry – Mahabalipuram – Madurai for their annual educursion from October 6 to 12, 2019.  Chennai, on the Eastern coast of Southern India, is the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. The students visited different places such as Kalpeshwara Temple, Crocodile Bank, Ramakrishna Temple and Queens Lands St. Mary’s, a 17th-century Anglican Church. Let’s read the except from Aradhya Jain’s diary on her experiences during the educursion.


“Travelling is the nourishment of the soul’. We the students of class 8 from SAI International Residential School had a great Educational trip to Southern India which included- Chennai, Pondicherry, Mahabalipuram and Madurai. We had a good time with our teachers and friends. We came across many new things and enjoyed a lot.



Our trip began like this …. Firstly, we left for Chennai from Bhubaneshwar Airport. After reaching Chennai we had our lunch and checked in at our hotel. In the evening we went to temples named Kalpeshwara temple and Rama Krishna Math temple. The temples were very beautiful and many carvings were there on the walls of the temple.


On the second day, we left for Madurai (also known as Kanchipuram). It is a common tourist spot. A festival celebration was going on and we also became a part of it at the Kailasanathar Temple. After that, we had a delicious lunch and then we went to an amusement park named QUEENSLAND. We did many enjoyable rides over there and then we went to the Water Park which was a part of it. We had a lot of fun there.



Day three was for Mahabalipura; visited a Crocodile Park and many historical relics there. After relaxing for some time, we went to see the miraculous stone named Krishna’s Butter Ball. We also saw a monument named Five Brother’s Chariot. Tight Security was noticed there as after 2 days the President of China was going to come. Then we left Mahabalipuram and returned back to our resort and had a sumptuous dinner.



On the fourth day, we left for Pondicherry which was a 3-hour journey from our resort. After reaching Pondicherry we went to Kolam Beach. Then we checked in at our hotel and had a tasty lunch. In the evening, we again went to the beach. After that, we went to see the “Statue of Dupleix”. After all, we returned back to our hotel and had our dinner.



The fifth day was all about Pondicherry. We went to a Church called “Sacred Heart Church”. We sat and prayed there for some time. After that, we went to an Ashram and meditated for some time. After meditating in the ashram we went for some shopping at the local market.  We also walked across a French Colony and also explored a special museum for FRENCH WAR REVOLUTION. Then we had our lunch and relaxed for some time. We went to a Botanical Garden and an Aquarium too in the evening. We went to a Green House in the garden and also saw around 60 types of fishes in the Aquarium. On the sixth day after an energetic breakfast, we left for a five-hour journey from Pondicherry to Chennai. After reaching Chennai we had our lunch in Dominos. Shopping is always fun and we did that along with spending time at the Game Zone, Snow World, Safari and Kid zone Express Avenue Mall. Then we had a delightful dinner and ended the day with a DJ NIGHT.



Our journey was coming to an end and had to leave for Bhubaneshwar from the Chennai Airport after breakfast. After reaching Bhubaneshwar Airport we returned back to our School Campus and shared our memories with everyone.

We enjoyed a lot and learnt many new things. We learnt that we should- be united, respect each other, care for others, Explore the world. We learnt about many reptiles, fishes. We learnt about the Green House Effect and many more things. We spent so much of our time with our beloved teachers and friends. So, we had a very good experience in our EXCURSIONS 2019”.

Learning Outcomes

Children had a great learning experience during the educursion. To instil the 21st-century learning skills, social skills play an important part. The children learnt unity, respect each other, care for others and empathy.