International Day of Disabled Persons 2018

  • 04 Dec, 2018

“Being disabled does not mean Un-abled, just Differently Abled.”  — Mr. Noel Helm

Disability is just a perception and not a disease it just means one is differently and specially abled.  The International Day of Disabled Persons was observed on Monday, December 3, 2018 in a session at SAI International Residential School, conducted by the Rapid Move Club (Chess club).

They put up a short skit depicting the difficulties and discriminations faced by differently abled people in different walks of life. They appealed to the audience to respect them and provide equal opportunities to overcome the disabilities.

They also played a video that showed how Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Alexander Graham Bell, Stephen Hawkins, and some great actors and actresses had overcome their disabilities and become successful in their respective fields.

The best way to help the differently abled is by giving them unconditional love and support through words and action.