Importance of Communication

  • 10 Oct, 2018

 “Write To Be Understood, Speak To Be Heard, Read To Grow.”  – Lawrence Clark Powell

What is communication? It is the art of transmitting information in the form of writing or speaking through a medium. SAI International Residential School held a session on Communication for the students to understand what communication is and how it works, why communication fails and how to enhance communication.

The expert trainer explained the various facets of communication to the students and dealt with precision. The trainer explained that effective communication is important not just at school level but it will be helpful in every walk of life.

Headmaster Amitabh Agnihotri said, “In the Communication training session children were guided on speaking, writing correct English with fluency. English is not about using tough jargons but about communicating best with the best comprehensible words”. He asked the students to take the maximum benefit of this session.

Students enjoyed the interactive session with the trainer and learnt in depth.