Humbly Human

  • 09 Jan, 2018

We, at SIRS, follow the teachings of Shri SAI Baba of Shirdi, carefully stitching them into the various activities of the day. I care to address ‘Humanism’ as it is one of the many virtues Shri SAI Baba believed in and practiced.

Today, as we are in this unending rat race to achieve, we often forget to address and deal with people around us as humans, who have feelings, if I may say, just like ‘me’. The focus often is on the end result rather than the process of achieving it. None of us like being humiliated but when it comes to the treatment of our fellow beings we often forget to treat our fellow humans in the way we would want to be treated.

We nod and agree with talks on humanism, share forwards on WhatsApp and address this issue in our various conversations. We seem to know and understand it all. When it comes to practicing it ourselves it is often overlooked, and in the bargain we hurt people whom we work and walk with, knowingly or unknowingly.

The question is – How can we make certain that we do the least damage possible? We are not perfect and we make mistakes and have the conscience to regret it too. ‘Practice what you preach’ is an age old saying. It begins with realization and acknowledgement of the wrong practice and gradually leading us to making it our second nature.

At SIRS, Value Education is a compulsory subject where the practice of Humanism is addressed. Regular Community Service is conducted, lessons on gratitude are provided as often as required and regular assembly talks tell us repeatedly of this great virtue. Reminders too are scheduled at workshops and counseling sessions. It is important for students to imbibe empathy at this tender age as it would then merge and be one with their nature.