Hues of Laughter: Triumph in Inter-school Hindi Comic Poetry Competition

  • 10 Jan, 2024

"Hindi is our precious heritage, it is our duty to support it." - Mahatma Gandhi

In a jubilant celebration of World Hindi Diwas 2024, SAI International Residential School (SIRS) proudly announces the results of the Online Inter-school HINDI Comic Poetry Competition - Hansi ke Rang, held on January 10, 2024.

An Artistic Affair: Hansi ke Rang

On the auspicious occasion of World Hindi Diwas, SIRS played host to the "Hansi ke Rang" Online Inter-school HINDI Comic Poetry Competition. This unique activity brought together the creative talents of students hailing from diverse national and international schools, all uniting in the shared language of laughter.

Creative Prowess on Display

The competition served as a canvas for the participants to showcase their imaginative flair through the medium of comic poetry. The declared results stand testament to the exceptional talent and creativity displayed by each participant, highlighting the rich diversity of linguistic expression.

Cultural Pride and Linguistic Skills

Beyond the laughter and creativity, the event served a dual purpose. Not only did it promote linguistic skills by encouraging participants to express themselves in Hindi, but it also fostered a deep sense of cultural pride. The competition became a bridge, connecting students from various backgrounds through the common thread of language and humor.

A Resounding Success

The resounding success of the competition is a testament to the vibrant spirit of Hindi as a global language. SIRS extends heartfelt congratulations to all participants for contributing to the success of "Hansi ke Rang." Each participant played a crucial role in making this event a true celebration of linguistic diversity and the universal appeal of humor.

As the curtains fall on the Online Inter-school Hindi Comic Poetry Competition, SAI International Residential School takes pride in nurturing an environment where language becomes a tool for creativity, unity, and cultural appreciation.